Once upon a time a person decided to start a blog. That person is me.At the moment my “blog” seems woefully empty, but you have to start somewhere. So this is it.

Why Blog? I’ve read blogs for years. Mostly the big ones, Lifehacker, Engadget, you know, the blogs it’s really hard to avoid if you’re at all geeky. The real motivation to start blogging came over the past two weeks. During that time I’ve discovered a couple different sources that have made me appreciate the value of blogging as a way to express your ideas and hear ideas from others. The two biggest influences have been Brazen Careerist and Twenty Set. In those two networks I’ve discovered a lot of people who are in the same basic situation as I am. If they can blog, so can I.

I’m finding myself in places I’ve never been before. Sometimes you have to ask for directions. That’s why I’m blogging really. I’m finding lots of tips written by other bloggers, and hopefully I’m going to share some of my own with the rest of the web. Stay tuned, and of course, participate. I don’t just want you to hear me, I want to hear from you. That’s why we have comments sections.

I’m listening.