Have you ever had this nagging feeling that someone was watching you? Have you ever had the feeling that the person watching you was a giant elephant in the sky? At this point most of us would probably have to agree with Sally O’Malley (wife of the Mayor of Whoville) that it’s kind of hard to empathize with that kind of feeling. There is another experience that I’m guessing most of you have a little bit of history with: putting off decision making.

I’ve had a decision sitting in the back of my mind lately, and the reason it has been in the back of my mind is that I don’t really like making decisions. Especially big decisions, and this is undoubtedly a big decision. I’m dealing with my educational future, and decisions don’t get much bigger than that. I need to choose a new school to finish up my formal education.

The problem is that the possibilities are endless. I could go in a number of different directions career-wise, which makes choosing a major difficult, to say nothing of choosing a school. It’s pretty overwhelming just trying to figure out where to start searching. And once I find a school how am I supposed to be sure?

I may never be as sure as I’d like to be, which isn’t helping out any. Making a decision is difficult, but I think I’m finding that not making a decision is even more painful. Anybody have any experiences like that? The pressure to make a decision or take an action looms over you and creates a lot more stress than you need to deal with. The solution to that problem is pretty obvious. Make a decision.

Of course knowing that a decision needs to be made doesn’t make making the actual decision easier. But you get that satisfied feeling. I finally got it done. Take that procrastination.

Let’s hear how you deal with decision-making procrastination in the comments.