If anything is ubiquitous in the American lifestyle, it’s stress. We have work, school, and social life to juggle. Ironically, it seems like it’s the social life that takes the most out of you when you try to have fun after a long day at work. But you’ve got to have that social life, and you’ve got to have time to do nothing.

We live in a deadline driven society. There are projects and more projects and they all have to get done before it’s too late. The pressure can get pretty intense and sometimes it feels like you’re up against the wall. You can’t go any farther on the writing project but you feel too zonked to even switch gears and do some research on the other project.

When my brain is totally fried, I find the best thing is to dump everything out of my mind and walk away for a few minutes. If I spend 10-15 minutes just reading the newspaper or something else I’m not required to do, it refreshes me and leaves me ready to get back to work a little later.

Calling it quits at the end of the day is an extension of the same theory. Like a lot of people these days, I could work on long into the night if I let myself. There are always things to do, but sometimes it is actually less productive to try to slave on than to stop and unplug for a while. The concept’s not that hard to understand, but how do you stop when all the deadlines are piling up in the back of your mind?

Tiffany at Personal PR is trying a stress-fast. The idea is that you just refuse to let yourself be stressed by anything. Sometimes we treat stress as if it’s inescapable. I think it’s important to note that it’s not such an irresistible force as we like to think. It is possible to dismiss stress from your mind. Maybe this little trick is just what we need to help us make some time to wind-down every night.

How do you tell stress to buzz off? Let’s hear in the comments.