If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been a little skeptical of Twitter. After all, who needs another web app to pour more time down the drain. Time is scarce enough as it is without having lots of little two sentence updates to read. You’re right to be skeptical, you can waste time with anything, but Twitter has a good side as well. I took it for a test drive and these are my conclusions.

Improve Google Results
I just joined a couple weeks ago, but already Twitter is the second Google result for my name. My blog is nowhere in sight yet, but at least people can find me on Twitter, where I have a link to my blog.

Promote Your Blog
Twitter is an easy way to connect with people. If you find a blogger you admire, you can look them up on Twitter. If they’re on Twitter and you choose to follow them, they’ll get an email telling them about it. Being human they’ll probably wonder who is following and might even decide to follow you. Now is the time to use Twitter to promote your blog posts. Ask questions or just mention that you’ve made a post and it will drive readers towards your site.

Build Relationships
Last but not least, use Twitter as a social tool. You can go overboard of course, but there are also benefits to learning about others and letting them learn about you. It builds relationships and that’s always a good thing.

Let’s hear your thoughts on Twitter in the comments.