Running is touted for it’s health benefits all the time, but what about the mental benefits? I think that the fact I took a run last evening is the main reason that I was able to finish my essay on gun control, which I was really not looking forward to writing after a long day at work.

There was some significant fine-tuning to do to the paper before it would be finished. I really wasn’t looking forward to getting home, because I was feeling sort of tired and definitely uncreative and unmotivated. I worked on school all week and I was ready to be finished. A little time to relax on the weekend is always nice in my book.

Running is addictive. That runners high you get sometimes, makes running worth it. Sometimes the runner’s high doesn’t end when you stop running either, as I experienced Saturday night. It gives you a huge positive attitude change, and frees your brain up for renewed concentration.

So the tip of the day is, try running. If you need a way to relax, counterintuitive as it sounds, running can help you regain your focus in the middle of a long project. Sometimes it can be a life-saver, like it was for me on Saturday.

If you’re not a runner yet, don’t give up if the first couple times feel hard. It gets better, and eventually you feel like your body gets tired long before your mind. You’d like to keep running, but you physically can’t.

Already a runner? Let’s hear what you like about running in the comments.