For those of us who don’t have an iPhone or Blackberry,  being on the road means that we’re away from our internet connection and the vital stream of information that it provides us. That’s always a great excuse to unplug and battle our internet addiction. But if you don’t want to be unplugged, the web app Jott has just started rolling out a new service that allows you to have your RSS feeds read to you over the phone.

You just add the RSS feeds you want to your Jott account and then you’re all set. When you’re on the road all you have to do is call the Jott phone number and say “Jott Feeds”. Then you tell it which feed you want and it starts reading the latest feed items to you. You can navigate and skip feeds by pressing “3” to go to the next feed item, and “1” to return to the previous one. It’s still very new, but it’s another great reason to sign up for Jott if you haven’t already. I’m still wondering out if there’s a convenient way to import and syncronize my Google Reader feeds with Jott.

If you haven’t heard about Jott before, it’s a voice recognition tool for your mobile phone. You can use it to keep track of tasks and make notes while you’re on the road. With Jott you can use your voice to dictate emails or even post to Twitter!