Photo from Brooks Elliot on Flickr

In this day and age, sometimes knowing how to do things doesn’t come from knowing everything. Just the other day I found myself thinking, someday all web browsers will convert currencies from to our home currency automatically. Won’t that be nice. I’ll be able to instantly gauge the value of foreign currencies instead of wondering how many dollars that is.

Then I thought, maybe someone else who actually knows how to make this happen has also thought of this. I don’t know how to code, but other people do. A quick Google search revealed Chrome Currency Converting extensions. Thanks to them, my web browser now shows all prices in US Dollars (with the original currency in parentheses).

The future is here. Sure we still have to install an extension to make it happen, but it’s completely possible. Someday, the extension won’t even be necessary. That is, if we’re not using a universal online currency for our shopping anyway.

It just goes to show, sometimes it’s worth checking out the things we’d like to be able to do. A little digging may show they’re already possible.