Is it wrong to introduce a product before it’s polished to perfection? If so, Google is definitely a repeat offender, and also probably wouldn’t have released some of it’s most successful offerings. Or its most notoriously unsuccessful ones.

A lot of people complain about the way Google approaches things. Google+ is the most obvious one of course, but also personalized search and some of the others mentioned in this somewhat tongue-in-cheek post.

In the world of technology companies, Google is not afraid of a few public failures, as long as they are experiments that it feels teach something. Its fearlessness stands in contrast with companies like Apple that approaches things differently, like the perfectionist that wants no one to know they ever make mistakes. Apple has taught us to expect a curtain of secrecy until the perfect final product is released.

Google’s philosophy opens them up to attacks like Hof’s post. Because joking or not, it’s hard not to agree with some of the things he says. Maybe this is because Google releases incomplete products. Maybe it explains why Google doesn’t see instantaneous adoption as many Apple releases do. Instead there’s a slow curve.

If everyone was like Apple, we’d have a few really nice things, but innovation wouldn’t be so widespread and rapid. So maybe Google’s on to something.

But I’d rather they gave me simple search results instead of trying to be all fancy and make them personalized and “relevant.” And on an unrelated note, this website exists: