It’s the best of cities, it’s the worst of cities. It’s Seattle.

Seattle is well known for it’s rain and coffee. But Seattle is bi-polar. It’s actually two different cities, one manic, one depressive, but unlike manic-depressive disorder, it never really has the “normal” state in between the two.

Winter Seattle means long nights that start at 4pm. Drizzling rain, street lights, coffee shops. Fatigue jackets, fedoras, suspenders, North Face. Hoodies. Cigarettes.

Listless stares through rain-speckled bus windows. Bus stops that never cease dripping or smelling of mary jane. Plastics garbage bags, ragged blankets, and more ragged lives on the streets.

Coffee, books, and music you’ve probably never heard of.

Damp so pervasive you don’t even own a raincoat because every coat gets wet.

Summer Seattle starts with days so breathtakingly beautiful that you don’t catch your breath all day. The sidewalks almost dry off, and the air smells like a million kinds of blossoming flowers and trees. The sun comes out.

The sun never goes away. 8pm might as well be 2pm. You ignore the fact that you ought to go to bed. It’s never actually hot, but for a few weeks you go out at night without wearing a jacket. You forget what a chance of rain means.

Long evenings overlooking the Puget sound as ferries ferry their way across the water. Not even a breath of air moving. But the temperature is perfect.

Dragging your hand through the water in Lake Union and not being cold. Boats slowly passing through the ship canal.

Bikers everywhere. Staying inside is literally impossible. So no one does. People overflow with energy and exuberance even without a coffeecup in their hand. You realize your friends have another side to their personality you never knew about.

When you’re going for a run at 7pm and the sun doesn’t seem in any danger of setting, you forget the times when you didn’t even see daylight, let alone sunshine for weeks on end.

Now the real Seattle is back. Or one of them. Rain has come.